Grand Pic de la Meije, couloir Gravelotte.

La Meije (3983m), massif de la Meije (Oisans)/Couloir Gravelotte


Meije emblematic summit of Oisans is as much known for its rock climbing for ice ascents of the North Face.
The Gravelotte corridor, clearly visible from the Grave Valley, along the northeastern edge and accesses the Zsigmondy breach. Besides being one of the finest passages of the massif, it is an elegant way to access the large peak a little less technical than the ascent of the corridor Z.
1st ascent: E.Gravelotte with guides Maximin, Casimir and Devouassoud Gaspard and Joseph Turk September 24, 1898.
The first ski descent was made by Patrick Vallençant June 20, 1975 (only repeated by Pierre Tardivel).
Grade: D + Snow and ice up to 60 ° (optional if rock top to 4).
Corridor height: about 500m between 3400 and 3900.
Starting point: From the Refuge de l’Aigle (3450m) by Serret du savon in 1:30 or at Promontory refuge (3082m) through the breach of the Meije in 2:00.
Schedule: 4 to 6:00 climbing.
Period: April to early summer depending on conditions.
Up to 2 guests per guide. Price of the race for debate.

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