History of the guides office

History Guides Office of the Grave, the pioneers of mountaineering today.

End of the period 1800 to 1950
( according to the book by Paul Louis Rousset, ” In the Land of Meije ” and ” top of Memories” , the STD archives, society tourists from Dauphiné ) and the testimony Max Liotier Pierre Mathonnet Lucien Amieux , Toti Pene , Jean Witt, Pierre Chapuis.

The history of Grave’s guides, as elsewhere in the Dauphiné , is inseparable from the history of Alpine societies . If before their creation is already noted the use of mountain passes to cross , or even climb mountains , it is with their creation that really is going to structure the activity lags behind other massifs such as the chain Mont Blanc or the Pyrenees already organized into companies …

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