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Safety equipment for the group provided: ropes, carabiners, first aid kit, transceiver, shovel and probe.

Individual safety equipment is not provided: crampons, ice axes, helmets, harnesses, shoes, skis etc…. However, these can easily be hired in sport shops in the village.

Other necessary equipment includes a small backpack containing warm clothes, gloves, a hat, water bottle and packed lunch for day trips. For several day trips, consult the guide for exact details of required equipment.


All prices correspond to the daily guide fee.

Travellers’ cheques accepted

Accommodation and Transport

Accommodation will either be in a hut, a hostel or a bivouac. The price is paid directly to the accommodation management. The accommodation and transport of the guide will be shared among the clients.

Health Insurance

Mountain guides and trekking guides have a professional insurance covering civil liability and costs of rescue. However, we can not provide for damages caused by other participants. Hence we highly advise you to subscribe to an insurance applicable to mountain sports against accident and personal injury and civil liability. In case of physical damage the liability of the Bureau ends as soon as the patient gets to the hospital. Any medical intervention that may follow (care, transfer, repatriation) will be the concern of the personal insurance of the victim.


Any medical treatment should be mentioned when booking a guide.

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