The Collectives

From the 1st of june to the 7th of september

Le Râteau Ouest ( 3769 m )

A great occasion to discover the high mountain environment with snow, ice and rock. The final climb is aerial, you will not leave without impressions! 1 day – 100€/pers (+ cable car) — 3 to 4 people. Guide fee for private group: 300€/group.

Refuge de l’Aigle ( 3450 m ) and Tête des Corridors ( 3734 m )
or Meije Orientale ( 3891 m ) 

The highest mountain hut in the Oisans mountain range! Its warm and friendly atmosphere is a great contrast to the immense glaciers surrounding it. In the early morning we depart in the sunrise in front of the mighty Meije. 2 days – 220€/pers. + costs of the hut. Guide fee for private group: 656€/2 days/group+ cost of the hunt.

La Grande Ruine ( 3765 m )

Fabulous scenery in the very heart of the mountain range. We reach the summit from the very remote Adèle Planchard hut.

  • 2 days- 134€/pers.+ costs of the hut – 3 to 4 people.
  • Guide fee for private group: 400€/group.

Pic Nord des Cavales ( 3362 m )

We climb the south ridge on an easy, beautiful, aerial and exceptional granite rock, facing the South face of the Meije.

  • 2 days – 116€/pers. + costs of the hut — 3 to 4 people.
  • Guide fee for private group: 347€/group.

Le Dôme de Neige des Écrins ( 4015 m )

An easy 4000m summit and the highest point of the mountain range. In magnificent glacier environment with breathtaking scenery. We climb the summit starting from the Ecrins hut. Day 1: ice craft and hike to the Ecrins hut, Day 2: Dôme des Ecrins.

  • 2 days – 190€/pers. + costs of the hut — 3 to 4 people.
  • Guide fee for private group 2 days: 600€/group.

Tête du Replat ( 3335 m )

A glacier hike taking us to the Selle hut starting from the top of the cable car. We climb the summit of the Tête Sud du Replat on day two.

  • 2 days – 200€/pers + costs of the hut – 3 to 4 people + cable car + taxi.
  • Guide fee for private group: 300€/day/group.


Around the Meije : These mythical itineraries follow the trails of the first pioneers of the Meije. The glacial atmosphere is breathtaking and the terrain is always varied.

  • 2 days – 200€/pers. + costs of the hut + cable car – 3 people.
  • Guide fee for private group: 300€/day/group

Arêtes de la Bruyère:

Introduction to alpine rock climbing, in a Dolomitic atmosphere with a great view on the Ecrins mountain range. A perfect test for your first 4+ in a high mountain environment.

  • 1 day – 101€/pers.
  • 3 people. Guide fee for private group: 303€/group.

Les Bans, Les Aiguilles d’Arves, Le Goléon, Le cirque du Soreiller, le Mont Aiguille… there are lots of other routes to do – do not hesitate to consult us…

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