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Mountaineering – Perfection: Doigt de Dieu Course

A 5 day course with one day’s rest as an option.

Day 1: Ice craft.

Day 2: Hike to the Pavé hut.

Day 3: We climb an easy summit: Pic Nord des Cavales.

Day 4: Day of rest.

Day 5: Hike and climb to the Aigle hut.

Day 6: Doigt de Dieu or Meije Orientale.

Duration: 6 days – 852€/pers (all inclusive) – 3 people mini and 6 people maxi.

Stage: Traversée de La Meije

We will see the Meije from many angles to finally climb it and its pointy ridges. A 6 days course of with one day’s rest as an option.

Day 1: Hike to the Pavé hut, sport climbing to check your level.

Day 2: Pic Nord des Cavales (3362m), back to La Grave.

Day 3: Râteau Ouest (3769m) starting from the top of the cable car.

Day 4: Day of rest. A second guide joins us for the two last days.

Day 5: Hike/climb to the Promontoire hut by the Enfetchores.

Day 6: Traverse the ridges of the Meije.

Duration: 6 days – 1359€/pers (all inclusive) – 2 people.

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