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The Cerces Massif Traverse

A magnificent four-day ski traverse that loops you around the heart of a wild mountain range

The Cerces massif is home to impressive rock spires separating the Guisane and Clarée valleys. In order to discover this wild area in the winter time, we offer you the possibility to do a four-day ski traverse, combining climbs and descents through magnificent landscapes of limestone peaks, larch forests, snow-covered lakes and remote valleys. A beautiful journey and memorable moments spent away from civilization, especially in friendly mountain huts at the end of each day.



You occasionally ski off-piste and ski tour in the backcountry, you are capable of walking for many hours for outings with around 1000m of gain.



You are in good physical shape. You are able to walk 6 to 8 hours with around 1000m of gain, with a 10kg backpack while also keeping energy for the descents.


Day 1

From the Pont de l'Alpe (1710m / 5,610ft), we will skin up the Vallon du Rif, passing below the Aiguillette du Lauzet, an impressive limestone peak. We then head towards the Col du Chardonnet (2638m / 8,654ft), where we can enjoy a stunning panorama over the Ecrins massif. A nice ski descent through snow-covered meadows and larch forests leads us to the cosy Chardonnet mountain hut (2225m / 7,299ft), where we will spend the night.

.Vertical: +928m (3,044ft) from the Pont de l'Alpe to the Col du Chardonnet

              -413m (1,354ft) from the Col du Chardonnet to the Chardonnet mountain hut

Day 2

From the Chardonnet mountain hut, we skin up a small valley at the foot of an impressive 400-meter limestone cliff. The landscape is simply stunning! We then start skinning around the Queyrellin ridge (2890m / 9,481ft). We first cross the Casse Blanche ridge and skin by the Lac Rouge, then a nice ski descent leads us back to the Clarée valley. A short final climb allows us to reach the cosy Picou mountain hut (2115m / 6,938ft), made up of several small chalets. Night in the mountain hut.

.Vertical: +689m (2,260ft) from the Chardonnet mountain hut to the Casse Blanche ridge

               -799m (2,621ft) from the Casse Blanche ridge to the Ricou mountain hut

Day 3

From the Ricou mountain hut, we head east towards the Pic du Lac Blanc (2980m / 9,776ft), skinning by the Serpent and Laramon lakes, deeply covered with snow in winter. We reach a small flat part in the Gardioles area, also dotted with lakes, then skin up to the Col du Grand Cros (2848m / 9,343ft). Heading north, we skin along a ridge and reach the summit of Pic du Lac Blanc, from which we can enjoy great views of the Ecrins massif and Mont Thabor (3178m / 10,426ft), the highest peak of the Cerces mountain range. From there, a great ski descent of close to a thousand vertical meters will take us to the Laval mountain hut (2030m / 6,660ft), another perfect spot for taking some rest and enjoying the mountains! Night in the mountain hut.

.Vertical: +865m (2,837ft) from the Ricou mountain hut to the Pic du Lac Blanc

              -950m (3,116ft) from the Pic du Lac Blanc to the Laval mountain hut

Day 4

From the Laval mountain hut, we cross the Clarée river on the Béraudes bridge. Then, we skin up to the Béraudes lake (2504m / 8,215ft) and head left on a gentle slope up to the Col des Béraudes (2770m / 9,087ft). The final part is slightly steeper but we easily reach the pass, from which we can enjoy for the last time a jaw-dropping panorama over the Cerces and Ecrins mountain ranges, as well as over the Pic de la Moulinière (3073m / 10,082ft) on our right. A final ski descent allows us to reach the small valley of the Torrent du Rif and the Pont de l'Alpe, the final destination of this great four-day ski raid around this endearing Cerces massif!

.Vertical: +740m (2,427ft) from the Laval mountain hut to the Col des Béraudes

               -1060m (3,477ft) from the Col des Béraudes to the Pont de l'Alpe

370.0 €

This Price is for a maximum number of participants: 4

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a day for a group from1 to 4 people for a private outing

405.0 €

This Price is for a maximum number of participants: 6

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price for a day for a group from 5 to 6 people for a private outing


Outing with a certified mountain guide or instructor

Professional Civil Liability Insurance

Transceiver, shovel, probe, harness


Personal Accident Insurance

Appropriate clothing for your activity (long-johns, fleece/softshell jacket, down jacket, gore-tex jacket, ski pants, ski socks, warm hat, warm gloves, thin gloves)

Ski goggles, sunglasses, sunscreen

Water Bottle or thermos, food and snacks

Ski touring skis, skins, ski crampons, ski touring boots, poles


Avalanche airbag backpack

backpack that can fit your shovel and probe INSIDE the pack (around 35L)

Small first aid kit for your personal needs and that contains material in case of blisters

Sleeping bag liner (to be used with the provided blankets at the refuges) and small toiletry kit (no showers in the refuge)

Club Alpin ID card, insurance card or information, Alpine Club card (if you have one)

Picnic for during the day

Meal costs for clients and guide

Lodging costs for clients and guide

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