The Legendary Couloirs: Fréaux, la Voûte and Chirouze

The incredible couloirs of la Grave involve exhilarating, committing, and technical skiing

The high mountain ski area of la Grave-la Meije is a huge playground with endless options, some of which include epic descents of 2400 meters (7,800ft). These routes start from the Dôme de la Lauze at an elevation of nearly 3600 meters (11,500ft), at the top of the Girose glacier. These legendary couloirs are quite committing, and require a good level of skiing. Some of the lines require a rappel, but your guide will take care of that for you. The Fréaux couloir is the most easily accessible: it can be reached skiing down from the Chancel mountain hut below the Puy Vachier lake. The first part is steep and narrow, and then we are able to enjoy a long vertical descent in a beautiful couloir, eventually reaching a larch forest, ending in the village of Les Fréaux by the Romanche river. Another famous route is the descent of la Voûte, starting from the Girose glacier. The first part is the gentle open slope of the glacier, then it becomes steeper and shares the same upper route as Orcière de Droite. We turn left to exit Orcière to reach a rappel which is the entrance of the couloir, in a stunning environment of huge cliffs. Located next to la Voûte are the Chirouze couloirs, there are three of them: Chirouze left, center and right. All of which are a skier's dream, with close to 2400 meters (7800ft) of vertical descent. The first part is common to the three: the slope is first moderate on the upper part of the glacier, then it becomes steeper and we eventually ski down through a maze of rocks and cliffs, making these routes relatively difficult to find. All these couloirs are north-oriented, which helps maintain excellent snow quality. A ski experience of a lifetime!



You often ski in the backcountry. You are capable of skiing sustained routes on steeper slopes and with any type of snow. You are very comfortable with your steep skiing techniques.



Big descents do not scare you. You can ski long sections without stopping and can climb up with skis on your backpack or with skins.


Day 1

That day, your meeting time is at 8:45am at the guide office.
You'll meet your guide and he will lend you the security gear (tranceiver, shovel, probe)
Don't forget your back pack (30L)
Your outing will be from 9am to 4pm.
The program of the day depends on the snow conditions, weather forecast, your level, and your desires.
You can eat lunch in one of the 2 restaurants on the ski slopes (you will also pay the lunch for the guide).

103.0 €

This Price is for a maximum number of participants: 4

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Price per person for a collective outing

390.0 €

This Price is for a maximum number of participants: 4

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Group of 1 to 4 people for a private outing


Outing with a certified mountain guide or instructor

Professional Civil Liability Insurance

Group technical gear (rope…)

Transceiver, shovel, probe, harness


Lift Pass (possibility to purchase at the Guide Office in the morning)

Personal Accident Insurance

Appropriate clothing for your activity (long-johns, fleece/softshell jacket, down jacket, gore-tex jacket, ski pants, ski socks, warm hat, warm gloves, thin gloves)

Ski goggles, sunglasses, sunscreen

Water Bottle or thermos, food and snacks

Skis, boots, poles (material designed for the terrain and the sport - freeride/ski touring/etc)


Avalanche airbag backpack

backpack that can fit your shovel and probe INSIDE the pack (around 35L)

Meal costs for clients and guide

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